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   Awards Ceremony Friday May 24, 2019

Committee Co-Chairs: Rochelle Duniasky & Carole Cox

Barbara Quigley Barba was a longtime Oak Park resident who co-chaired the parade's Art & Essay Contest beginning in 1997. A kindergarten teacher in the Elwood School District in Suffolk County, this devoted wife and mother managed to be a tireless volunteer with the Lions Club, Queens Flag Day Committee and the Parade. Barbara never lost focus. She said her favorite memory was, "Having my boys and watching them grow up." When asked what was her biggest challenge, she replied, “People need to remember that Memorial Day is more than just the unofficial first day of summer.” Barbara passed away in a tragic home accident on August 25, 2016 and she is sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

We memorialize her in our contest.

The contest committee, with help from volunteers, spent the evening of May 13 poring over essays and artwork totaling nearly 200 entries.


After hours of comparison and discussion, and some very hard choices, the winners were selected.

Click on the photos to see larger versions. If you would like, help us preserve our records by emailing any corrections -- or information to fill in the blanks -- to Thank you

Congratulations to the 2019 Class of Art & Essay Contest Prize Winners

!!2019 AE Winners by John Zaverdas.jpg

Click on the entrant's name below to see their work

 Grade 1

1st Prize Timothy Yang P.S. 221 

2nd Prize Matthew Son P.S. 221

3rd Prize Katherine Fan P.S. 94

Grade 2

1st Prize Luana Restrepo P.S. 221 

2nd Prize  Caitlin Elias Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy

3rd Prize  Leo Drozda P.S. 98

Grade 3

1st Prize Zayan D Haque P.S. 221

2nd Prize Sabastian Martin P.S. 98

3rd Prize Maddie Stynes P.S. 98

Grade 4

1st Prize Nathaniel Pena Home School 

2nd Prize Leila Drozda P.S. 98

3rd Prize Sara Dong P.S. 94

Grade 5

1st Prize Allen Lee P.S. 94

2nd Prize Jordyn Capobianco P.S. 94

3rd Prize Cheyoung Ahn P.S. 94

Grade 6

1st Prize Vanessa Chin M.S. 67 

2nd Prize Hasley M. Franco M.S. 67 

3rd Prize William J. Matzing Jr. M.S. 67

Grade 7

1st Prize Jin Hang Ren M.S. 158 

2nd Prize Jocelyn Chen M.S. 158

3rd Prize Victoria McKeen M.S. 158

Grade 8

1st Prize Ruier Wang M.S. 67 

2nd Prize Josephine Chan M.S. 67

3rd Prize Birute Rosquist Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy 

Essay/Poetry Contest Winners

Grand Prize: Fabiana Ferazzoli Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy Grade 4

Grade 4

1st Prize Shane Maxim Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy

2nd Prize Logan Gregg P.S. 94

3rd Prize Selina Wu P.S. 94

Grade 5

1st Prize Katelyn To  P.S. 94 

2nd Prize Evelyn Chen P.S. 94

3rd Prize Mia Singer P.S. 98

Grade 6

1st Prize Alisha Vohra M.S. 67 

2nd Prize Victoria Wilson Divine Wisdom Catholic Academy

3rd Prize Matthew Yu M.S. 67

Grade 7

1st Prize Anthony Ng M.S. 67 

Grade 8

1st Prize Josephine Chan M.S. 67 

2nd Prize Elaine Hung M.S. 158

3rd Prize Maxwell To M.S. 67

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