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   Awards Ceremony Friday May 23, 2014

Committee Co-Chairs: Barbara Barba - Rochelle Duniasky

Art Contest Winners

Grand Prize:  Kate Shen

First Prize Grade K

Second Prize Grade K

Third Prize Grade K

First Prize Grade 1

Second Prize Grade 1

Third Prize Grade 1

First Prize Grade 2

Second Prize Grade 2

Third Prize Grade 2

First Prize Grade 3

Second Prize Grade 3

Third Prize Grade 3

First Prize Grade 4

Second Prize Grade 4

Third Prize Grade 4

First Prize Grade 5

Second Prize Grade 5

Third Prize Grade 5

First Prize Grade 6

Second Prize Grade 6

Third Prize Grade 6

First Prize Grade 7

Second Prize Grade 7

Third Prize Grade 7

First Prize Grade 8

Katelyn To

Megan Gu

Leo Tching

William Motzing, Jr.

Cameron Alleyne

Issac Lee

Eliot Lee

Julia Chiariello

Shayla Ai

Danielle Kanter

Kaitlyn Park

Chloe McGovern

Cynthia Li

Kristen Ho

Antonio Malone

Tiffany Chung

Megan Leavy

Joshua Cho

Melanie Yip

Cassidy Barry

Kristina K.

Audrey Chou

Tiffany Gao


Gabriella V.

Essay/Poetry Contest Winners

Grand Prize: Emma Klagsbrun

First Prize Grade 4

Second Prize Grade 4

Third Prize Grade 4

First Prize Grade 5

Second Prize Grade 5

Third Prize Grade 5

First Prize Grade 6

First Prize Grade 7

First Prize Grade 8

Justine Y. Kang

Jayden Chen

Robin Pan

Krupa Sekhar

Richard Liu

Owen Torio

Jerry Z. Kang

Kathryn Kalandia

Terry Simon

This year, our Art & Essays Contests are being funded through a generous donation from Alvin and Rochelle Dunaisky, in honor of the late Rod O'Connell, who is remembered by many as "The Mayor of Douglaston," and in his mint green fin back convertible, as a fixture in the Memorial Day Parade. 


Gerard (Rod) O’Connell lived in the same house in Douglaston for over 40 years. He started his career as a realtor at the Bryce Rea family, and through his panache and passion to sell homes in the area, he rose to be an owner and broker of record with Bryce Rea Associates.

Rod‘s life encompassed all aspects of our Little Neck-Douglaston community. He was involved with PS 98, St. Anastasia, Holy Cross High School, Community Church of Douglaston Theater, Lions Club, Visiting Nurse Service, Douglaston Civic Association and more. 

Because Rod so loved Theater and the Arts and felt so strongly that we had to teach youngsters the importance of honoring our Armed Forces, Alvin and Rochelle Dunaisky are proud to make this generous donation in his name.

In memory of our late friend, this year's Grand Prizes for the Arts & Essays Contests are now the Rod O'Connell Awards.

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